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If you’d like to introduce yourself to more online prospects… we can design your firm & friendly website handshake!

Your Website Design is Your First Impression

And You Have Exactly ONE Chance to Make a Great First Impression


With many of your future clients, that first impression is becoming more and more the result of a Google search when they land on your website’s Home page. So unless you’re a cookie maker, the first impression you give better not be a cookie-cutter website!

Your business is unique and it needs an online presence that not only attracts visitors to your website but converts them into customers and clients. There is much more to website design than just inserting content and pictures into a template and hope that website traffic starts rolling in.

Hope is NOT a Strategywebsite design 

Partnering With RAZREYE Website Design Is!

Over 10+ years of website design experience and nearly 20 years of business building, sales, and marketing experience pour into learning about you, your business, and your vision for it.

Once we have a full understanding of what your business needs, we then go to work for you building the powerful marketing tool and sales-converting website that you need to stand out in front of your competition and dominate your market.

Beyond the New Website… What’s Next!?

Your new website is live and great first impressions are being made. Just like when pursuing someone special, the only thing better than being on that first date is the next one! And the next and the next after that!

This is where RAZREYE’s Virtual Marketing Assistant service comes into play where we ensure your new website’s great first impression invites your visitors, prospects, and clients to continue that dating experience until they say Yes or Yes again!

Click Here to learn more about how our Virtual Marketing Assistant service can play cupid for you, too!


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What Type of Website Is Best For You?

Wait. What? What “TYPE” of website is best for me?

Yes. There are dozens of TYPES of websites. For now, let’s look at three basic types – The Landing Page, A Full Website, and e-Commerce – and how to decide where to begin.

website design


The Landing Page website can be a great option for businesses that are just getting started and/or provide only one or two products or services. With this type of website, you basically include everything from a brief Welcome and About Us write-up to product/service descriptions and a contact form right on a single Home page.


The Full Website is what you typically see when visiting one online, much like the one you are visiting here. It contains multiple pages ranging from just a few to a few dozen or more. Full websites are great for businesses that provide multiple products and/or services and provide a great vehicle for publishing fresh, engaging content.


An e-Commerce Website is a Full Website that has additional functionality built into it that allows you to sell your products directly through the website. Whether you have just a couple of products to sell or a couple hundred, an e-Commerce website can be a powerful tool that adds to your bottom line – whether you’re hard at work or fast asleep.

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