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Virtual MARKETING Assistant


Hope, rolling the dice, and throwing darts at random sales and marketing “opportunities” are NOT marketing strategies; using a RAZREYE Virtual Marketing Assistant is!

marketing assistantYour business is unique and it needs an online presence and social communication that not only attracts visitors but converts them into customers and clients. To achieve this, there is so much more that goes into effective marketing campaigns than sporadic mailers, broad-brush advertisements, and a social media post here and there.

“I don’t have time to dedicate that level of focus on marketing and I can’t really hire someone full-time to do it either!”

~ Said Most Business Owners Everywhere

This is where we come to your rescue as your Virtual Marketing Assistant. Think of us as your Marketing Department that isn’t taking up space and nagging you for the latest release of software you’ve never heard of.

With over 10 years of website design and online marketing experience and nearly 20 years of sales and business building experience, your RAZREYE Virtual Marketing Assistant knows the questions to ask OF you and the stories to tell FOR you.


Keep reading to learn HOW this service works and then DISCOVER all of the creative resources we can use to tell your story!

How the “VMA” Service Works

First and foremost, we remain mindful that this is 100% about YOU, your business, and your Return on Investment with the services we provide!

Effective Marketing efforts include BOTH online and traditional Marketing Campaigns that are designed to work concurrently and in conjunction with each other. But how do we determine the recipe and which ingredients will be included in it to whet the appetites of your prospects and nudge them to reach out to you?


We ask questions. Not random questions that waste your time but very targeted questions to confirm our initial research and intuition on what would work best specifically for you.


We pour your answers, needs, and goals into our proposal mixer, blend them with our insight and experience, then knead everything into a written proposal that provides our recommended Marketing Campaign along with less and more aggressive options.


We work with you to identify the option that best suits your marketing budget and Return on Investment expectations.


You return to working ON your business while we hustle and work our Marketing magic IN your business to achieve the results that you, your business, your staff, and your families need.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

No. That isn’t us. We just like distressed brick walls and the way this picture vibes the strategic approach we take to creating and implementing your Marketing Campaign!

Essential Marketing Services

Effective Marketing Efforts Include BOTH Online and Traditional Campaigns

Campaign Coordination


Create Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Work With Media Reps to Purchase & Schedule Ads


Graphic Design


Logos & Logo Marks

Business Cards

Letterhead & Envelopes

Brochures, Flyers, & Booklets

Post Cards & Other Ads


Website Design


Mobile-Friendly Design

Built to Your Business’ Brand

Full, Multi-page Sites

e-Commerce Sites

Landing Pages


Search Engine Optimization


Keyword Research

On-page SEO

Assign Image Alt Text

Internal & External Linking

Google My Business


Account Set-up & Branding

Account Optimization

Upload Images & Content

Connect with Google Reviews


Social Media


Account Set-up & Branding

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter

e-Newsletter Design & Management

Blog Post Creation & Management



Content Curation


Original or Curated Written Content

Original or Royalty-free Photos

Blog and e-Newsletter Content Management

Write Compelling Ad Copy



Printed Materials


We can provide most any type of marketing collateral you may need including:

Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Rack Cards, Multi-page Booklets

Newsletters, Manuals, Post Cards, Ad-based Placemats, and More!

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