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“Social” Media is About So Much More Than You Think!


If you think, or worse yet, are currently using Social Media primarily to promote your business’ products, services, sales, promotions, you’re doing it wrong!

Do we have your attention? Good.

Now, we aren’t saying that you can’t promote those things, but you must first earn the opportunity to do so, only after ENGAGING your followers and providing something of value regardless if they make a purchase.

It goes back to the ol‘ adage that, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care!”

When it comes to Social Media, that adage becomes, “People don’t care what you do or provide, until you give them a reason they should!”

Give away your knowledge and sell your skill!

When considering how and where to share your message, there are several channels of Social Media that you can use to provide excellent, valuable content that your target audience could use.

These Social Media channels include Blog posts through your website, social sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, email campaigns, and videos embedded in or posted to any of those areas above.


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Navigating Social Media Options

Blogs, and pics, and posts oh my!

There are dozens of Social Media options out there to choose from and most are very effective if and when used effectively. Although many of your clients, customers, and prospects may have accounts they follow on several of them, social media apps typically have certain demographics they serve more so than others.

Let’s take a look at just a few of them…



For example, Facebook started out being widely used by a younger crowd – teens and 20’s – but has since transitioned to being used primarily by an “older” audience like parents and grandparents of teens and 20’s.


Instagram, on the other hand, is where the teens and 20’s turned to for social engagement when the “old folks” took over their turf! Twitter is also another app that is used primarily by that generation as well.


Another major player in the Social Media world is LinkedIn. The primary audience and use for this app is the career-minded individual looking to connect professionally with other like-minded people.



Most people think of those types of resources when referring to Social Media. However, a couple other ways you can efficiently and effectively engage with your target audience and followers is through Blogs and e-Newsletters.

A Blog is a feature in your website that allows you to post articles, updates, press releases, stories, videos – pretty much anything that you want to publish for your readers to know or read about.

In addition to being a powerful communication tool, another HUGE benefit of a blog is the ability to optimize your posts for better Search Engine Rankings! Google loves fresh content showing up on your website and will boost your site’s rankings for doing so.




For audiences that would rather receive those kinds of updates mentioned above via email in their Inbox, an e-Newsletter is also another very powerful tool to add to your marketing quiver.

E-Newsletter service providers like Constant Contact have very affordable packages available to communicate with your audience via email.

Unlike traditional email, services like these include the ability to see how many people opened your email campaign, who they were, and links to specific external content that were clicked. This can be huge as it allows you to drill deeper into your marketing efforts and promote certain content, products, and services to exactly the people you identify are interested in them.

Our Recommendation

You may now be wondering, “So that’s a great overview of the major Social Media options that are out there, but what do you recommend?”

That’s a GREAT question… so glad you asked!

As mentioned, most Social Media apps have various targeted audiences, but there are two that most of our clients find to be a great combination.


If you are providing a product or service, a combination of Facebook and Blogs provide the biggest bang for your buck. As mentioned, Facebook now has an older core audience in the 30’s to 50’s age range and those are the folks that have money to spend, “needs” to spend it on, and discretionary money to buy things they “want.”

In addition to Facebook, an effectively utilized website Blog provides 3 great benefits for converting prospects and followers to customers and clients:

  1. Provides fresh content with optimized posts that increase your website’s Google search rankings
  2. Link your Facebook posts to a Blog article related to your Facebook post topic that contains a Call 2 Action to buy or take the next step
  3. Positions you as a Leader in your industry. There’s nothing like published content that elevates credibility as an authority



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