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There are several reasons why Clients contract out their Social Media Management efforts:

  • They see the value of working ON their business rather than working IN it
  • They realize the amount of time, investment, and opportunities that are lost due to learning how and personally managing their EFFECTIVE Social Media campaigns
  • They know they don’t have the time nor ability to commit the consistent time it takes to see results
  • Insert your reason here __________________

Regardless the reason, we are here to help. It’s what we do… and we have the testimonials that show we know a thing or two about it!


Below is information on our most common Social Media Management package.

It can be customized to meet your needs or the reach the specific target audience(s) you may have. Check it out and then give us a call at (231) 753-6153 to discover what we can do for you!

Social Media Management

We’ll make you look like a Social Media Rock Star!

On our OPTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS page, we detail the reasons why we believe a combination of Facebook and Website Blog posts are a very effective way to engage followers, drive them to your website, and convert them from prospects to paying customers and clients. Below is information on how we provide these services and what you can get with each.

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RAZREYE Website Design is proud to partner with Latitude 45 Marketing to leverage both of our experiences and exposure channels to all of our WEBSITE and FACEBOOK MANAGEMENT clients.


Once you’ve contracted our FACEBOOK MANAGEMENT services, we will schedule a personal visit to learn more about your business, its needs, and niche. We then do a Needs Analysis to optimize the level and frequency of engaging posts to your Facebook account.



  1. Direct, face-to-face contact with us
  2. MUCH more accessible and responsive than the stranger behind the toll-free number that doesn’t know you or your community



Part of your Social Care Plan proposal may include Facebook Management services containing a standard number of the posting activities detailed below.


  • Weekly posts to your page
  • Engaging contests we run
  • Relevant articles we post
  • $5-boosts we do for your posts

The baseline quantities for those activities may be adjusted up or down, by either of us, based on the results of our Needs Analysis and your review of it.

Additionally, you may also choose to spend more per month on $5-boosted posts to reach even more prospects or a larger service area that you would like to reach.

* Any change to the baseline activity may affect the investment amount in your proposal.


  • A one-time $100 set-up fee for all Facebook accounts – new and existing
  • A 6-month minimum commitment
  • A 30-day notice of cancellation
  • A reasonable amount of patience to allow posts and engagement to grow your follower-base and awareness



In addition to the quantifiable activities, you may also receive the following enhanced personal services based on timing, proximity, and our availability.


  • Once per month, we may visit your location to take pictures for the next month’s set of posts
  • While at your location, we may take pictures of any new staff you have and work with them to obtain a brief bio that is used in posts
  • Attend your special event to take pictures/video – pending availability, prior commitments, and advanced notice on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Share special posts on one or more of the “What’s Up LOCAL County?” Facebook pages depending on where you actively do business
  • We will network with existing clients and contacts on your behalf


If available, and for just a little more each month, we will provide exclusive attention to you and your business within your business category. Essentially we will lock out your competition from receiving our services

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