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Click-N-Sniff ™ Websites

The Next Generation of Scratch and Sniff Technology

Back in the 1960’s, scientists discovered how to enclose perfumes inside of minute little capsules – typically a type of gelatin or water-soluble polymer – that when friction was applied (rubbed or scratched) the capsules would break open allowing the perfumes to release their scents.

Over the years, this technology revolutionized several industries but none more than that of perfumes. Early on, perfume companies used it to develop small sample strips. This later led to pressure sensitive labels and flap-opening leaflets and pages in magazines.

Much like the scratch and sniff technology ushered in a slew of opportunities in the print industry, Click-N-Sniff technology is poised to exponentially revolutionize your online experience from gaming to shopping and everything in between!

Let’s take a closer look at the technology…

Pixcent ™  Technology

Combining Scents with HTML code

PIXCENT™ (Pixel + Scent) Technology was initially discovered in May 2018 by Scott Gillespie, Owner and Chief Encouragement Officer at RAZREYE while taking advantage of his creative mojo as he pulled an all-nighter for a website design client who was looking for a fresh new look to their drab site from 2004. While playing around with various HTML color codes to find just the right shade of blue is when Scott had his “Ah-Ha moment!”

Although this patent-pending technology is proprietary to RAZREYE, the basic premise works around how HTML color codes interact with an algorithm that allows the pixels (little dots on your screen that displays the color you see) to figuratively “pop” and release a subtle scent based on the custom PIXCENT™ code that is entered into the algorithm. For example, the code – *cupojoe%30 – will emit a subtle scent of fresh ground coffee that would be perfect for a coffee shop website! 

Other examples of scents that are currently available include:

  • *essense%72  |  Emits a fresh scent perfect for hair salons
  • *scone%55  |  Emits freshly baked bread perfect for bakeries
  • *petals%84  |  Emits a very bold rose scent for a florist website
  • *hops%40  |  Emits a rich beer scent for a pub or microbrew
  • *oceans%28  |  Emits fresh ocean breeze for a tourism website
  • *peanuts%63  |  Emits roasted peanuts for a baseball team website

Jaw-Dropping testimonials

Read what others are saying about what PIXCENT ™ Technology has done for them and their businesses

TBC Wellness

“RAZREYE and the click-n-sniff they built for my health and wellness coaching service and fitness facility has increased my website’s traffic by over 320% and have added 4 coaches to my business as a result. It’s amazing that adding a little burst of vanilla to my website would have this kind of effect on attracting new clients!”

— Tiffany Faught


“In a town of under 3,000 people but with over a dozen hair salons, we were looking for something that really differentiated Essense Salon from all of the others. Who knew that adding a burst of Hair Color scent to my site would put so many new cheeks in our seats!”

— Nichole Imel 
Owner, Essence Salon

South Arm Construction

“When Scott first approached us about adding the scent of fresh-cut lumber to our website we were very skeptical. He took the time to explain the technology behind it as well as the psychological pull that scents have in our decision making process. As a result, 2019 is already shaping up to almost DOUBLE the number of projects on the schedule and over TRIPLE the revenue in sales!”

— Lynn Gibson