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Ever wonder where websites live? Their “home” has several parallels to the homes you and I live in. 

Home Sweet Home


To better understand where a website lives, let’s draw the analogy to the homes you and I live in. If you’re a homeowner, you more than likely have a house that sits along the side of the road on a plot of land that has an address associated with it.

You with me so far? Good!

Now let’s look at a website. Its home also has those same four components that we can use to draw parallels between its home and ours.

In terms of our home, the road we live on is a destination and is usually named after a person (Washington Rd), a place (Michigan Ave.), or a thing (Pine St).

The same is true for websites as they are typically named after a person (, a place (, or a thing. Most of the time that thing is a business or organization ( The names of those websites are called “Domains.” 



What Type of Website Is Best For You?

Wait. What? What “TYPE” of website is best for you?

Yes. There are dozens of TYPES of websites that you could get. For now, let’s look at three basic types – Landing Page, Full, and e-Commerce – and how to decide where to begin…



The Landing Page website can be a great option for businesses that are just getting started and/or provide only one or two products or services. With this type of website, you basically include everything from a brief Welcome and About Us write-up to product/service descriptions and a contact form right on a single Home page.



The Full Website is what you typically see when visiting one online, much like the one you are visiting here. It contains multiple pages ranging from just a few to a few dozen or more. Full websites are great for businesses that provide multiple products and/or services. They provide a great vehicle for publishing fresh, engaging content.



An e-Commerce Website is a Full Website that has additional functionality built into it that allows you to sell your products directly through the website. Whether you have just a couple products to sell or a couple hundred, an e-Commerce website can be a powerful tool that adds to your bottom line whether you’re hard at work or even fast asleep as you re-charge for the next day.

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