Ask Questions

Ask Questions to Get Better Results

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One of the best ways to help more people while increasing your sales and closing rate isn’t just to ask questions, but ask more open-ended questions. Conversely, the quickest way to end a conversation and just receive a request for a brochure is to just ask questions that can be answered with just a couple words. Or worse yet, ask …

Use SVG files in Wordpress

Using SVG Images in WordPress

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Last week, after much research, we decided to change our company logo from a PNG file to an SVG.  I won’t get into why you should be using SVG on your WordPress site, but there is a great discussion (short and sweet) available at CSS-Tricks talking about the advantages of using SVG. For those of you running your website using …

Twitter Is Testing A “Buy” Button!

Sara Grandits Social Media, Twitter

Exciting news for anyone with an e-commerce business, Twitter is testing a “buy,” button! With all of social media in competition to cash in on e-commerce opportunities it’s working on opening up new avenues for your business to do the same. Find out more about Twitter’s testing and what it could mean for your business!

“Flat” Website Design That Will Inspire You.

Sara Grandits Website

A large portion of my job here at RASREYE is getting inspired. A great deal of our work is website design so staying on top of what is new, what is different and what is effective is the most exciting part of my job! Right now my favorite “look,” for website design is “flat.” It’s such a clean and pristine …

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Inboarding, keeping the employees you already value over hiring new.

Sara Grandits What We Use

Recruitment can be an expensive enterprise for any business and while it is a necessary endeavor, often times it can be avoided. These days many employees are jumping from company to company and by marketing themselves better, they can see increases in pay anywhere from 10-20%. As a business owner, giving employees raises of that caliber is simply not feasible. …

rapid growth small business

5 Mistakes business owners make when growing their business.

Sara Grandits Small Business Tips

If your small business has started growing it can be an exciting thing. It is certainly validation of all the long hours and hard work you have put in over time. Growing businesses are great, they hire more people and fuel our economy and what small business owner doesn’t enjoy success!? Growth is a difficult trail to navigate at times, …

Search Engine optimization

Learn the basics of SEO; what to avoid and what to DO.

Sara Grandits What We Use

The staff here at RASREYE works with clients on a daily basis to increase SEO. Search engine optimization is what gets you found on the lists through Google, Bing and all of those online directories. Getting higher up on those lists can yield bigger results but even though the idea of SEO can be pretty easy to understand it’s not …

30 Great social media campaigns of the year!

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Our team here at RASREYE spends a good amount of time researching. As a marketing firm specializing in website design we are always looking to see what is next. We want to see inspiring website design, inspiring advertisements as well as the newest ways to increase business exposure. These things matter to our clients and so they matter to us! …