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Inboarding, keeping the employees you already value over hiring new.

Sara Grandits What We Use

Recruitment can be an expensive enterprise for any business and while it is a necessary endeavor, often times it can be avoided. These days many employees are jumping from company to company and by marketing themselves better, they can see increases in pay anywhere from 10-20%. As a business owner, giving employees raises of that caliber is simply not feasible. …

Search Engine optimization

Learn the basics of SEO; what to avoid and what to DO.

Sara Grandits What We Use

The staff here at RASREYE works with clients on a daily basis to increase SEO. Search engine optimization is what gets you found on the lists through Google, Bing and all of those online directories. Getting higher up on those lists can yield bigger results but even though the idea of SEO can be pretty easy to understand it’s not …

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As mobile usage increases, is your website responsive?

Sara Grandits Website, What We Use

Shoppers are accessing information everywhere; their tablet, their phones and their computers. Does your website reach them on each of these devices? If it doesn’t, you should seriously be considering switching to a responsive website. These allow one website to reach a user through many different devices and screen sizes, they can also make managing your SEO more streamlined and …

What We Use: Tools we use as a website design agency

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We’re starting a new weekly series called, “What We Use” — the idea arose from clients asking us what tools we use in our own organization (and us asking friends, partners, and colleagues what they use too)!  Every week we will feature an organization and explore the tools they are using today and why they choose those specific tools. This …