Use SVG files in Wordpress

Using SVG Images in WordPress

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Last week, after much research, we decided to change our company logo from a PNG file to an SVG.  I won’t get into why you should be using SVG on your WordPress site, but there is a great discussion (short and sweet) available at CSS-Tricks talking about the advantages of using SVG. For those of you running your website using …

“Flat” Website Design That Will Inspire You.

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A large portion of my job here at RASREYE is getting inspired. A great deal of our work is website design so staying on top of what is new, what is different and what is effective is the most exciting part of my job! Right now my favorite “look,” for website design is “flat.” It’s such a clean and pristine …

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As mobile usage increases, is your website responsive?

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Shoppers are accessing information everywhere; their tablet, their phones and their computers. Does your website reach them on each of these devices? If it doesn’t, you should seriously be considering switching to a responsive website. These allow one website to reach a user through many different devices and screen sizes, they can also make managing your SEO more streamlined and …

how to engage the "click" with viral marketing

3 Elements of viral content that can put your next marketing campaign on top!

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What makes us click? Literally. There is a science behind the emotions and the reasons people click, or don’t on your marketing campaign. Different age groups decide to make the “click” for different reasons and there are a number of other variables that can make the difference when encouraging your future customers to do so. So whether your clients are …

Treat Your Website As You Would Treat Your Home

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I was once told by a good friend that your car is the second largest purchase you will make in your life, with your home being the first; so shouldn’t you take care of your car the same way you take care of your home? Similarly your website may be the largest or the second largest investment you will make …