Twitter Is Testing A “Buy” Button!

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Exciting news for anyone with an e-commerce business, Twitter is testing a “buy,” button! With all of social media in competition to cash in on e-commerce opportunities it’s working on opening up new avenues for your business to do the same. Find out more about Twitter’s testing and what it could mean for your business!

30 Great social media campaigns of the year!

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Our team here at RASREYE spends a good amount of time researching. As a marketing firm specializing in website design we are always looking to see what is next. We want to see inspiring website design, inspiring advertisements as well as the newest ways to increase business exposure. These things matter to our clients and so they matter to us! …

10 Steps to Growing your Online Business

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Business forecasts are giving startups the encouragement to set up and establish their online stores with large growth opportunities left in emerging markets.There are a number of tactics that startups are implementing successfully in their businesses that can be crucial when beginning a grass-roots ecommerce site. Whether you are a newcomer to marketing, a seasoned veteran of eCommerce, or an …

The 10 Laws of Social Media You Should Be Abiding By

The 10 Laws of Social Media You Should be Abiding By

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It’s no hidden secret that using social media can help increase your audience and revenues dramatically. But starting without previous experience or know how could possibly lead to challenging situations and circumstances. It’s crucial that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. From maximizing quality to enhancing online profiles, abiding by these 10 laws may help build a foundation to help …