Ask Questions

Ask Questions to Get Better Results

Scott Gillespie Sales, Small Business Tips

One of the best ways to help more people while increasing your sales and closing rate isn’t just to ask questions, but ask more open-ended questions. Conversely, the quickest way to end a conversation and just receive a request for a brochure is to just ask questions that can be answered with just a couple words. Or worse yet, ask …

rapid growth small business

5 Mistakes business owners make when growing their business.

Sara Grandits Small Business Tips

If your small business has started growing it can be an exciting thing. It is certainly validation of all the long hours and hard work you have put in over time. Growing businesses are great, they hire more people and fuel our economy and what small business owner doesn’t enjoy success!? Growth is a difficult trail to navigate at times, …

how to engage the "click" with viral marketing

3 Elements of viral content that can put your next marketing campaign on top!

Sara Grandits Small Business Tips, Social Media, Website Leave a Comment

What makes us click? Literally. There is a science behind the emotions and the reasons people click, or don’t on your marketing campaign. Different age groups decide to make the “click” for different reasons and there are a number of other variables that can make the difference when encouraging your future customers to do so. So whether your clients are …

freelance talet

Utilizing freelance talent in your small business.

Sara Grandits Small Business Tips

In small businesses money can be tight. Hiring on a plethora of full time employees is not always feasible. Luckily there are other options, one of them being to hire a freelancer. They provide flexibility, savings and your business won’t be weighed down by additional fixed costs. Businesses are able to pick and choose talet regularly, take advantage of a freelancer’s …

Comcast bad customer service audio

COMCAST Teaches Us How Not to Talk To Customers

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In case you missed it, a customer posted an awful experience with a Comcast Customer Service Rep. When a Comcast Customer, Ryan Block, called to cancel his service, he was given the third degree on why he wanted to cancel. After repeatedly telling the customer service representative at Comcast that he did not wish to answer, the call got worse. …

New technology is helping small businesses save time and money

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Sometimes the information small businesses can’t or won’t get can be inadvertently raising costs. Whether its an efficient way to count inventory, answer emails or monitor transactions, your business may be able to find new technological ways of getting this information and using it to keeps these costs in check. Learn how a few small businesses have found ways to …