30 Great social media campaigns of the year!

Sara Grandits Advertising, Social Media, Twitter

Our team here at RASREYE spends a good amount of time researching. As a marketing firm specializing in website design we are always looking to see what is next. We want to see inspiring website design, inspiring advertisements as well as the newest ways to increase business exposure. These things matter to our clients and so they matter to us! I stumbled across a list of pretty fantastic social media campaigns, some of them are intriguing videos, others were just creative ways to get involvement from followers. These campaigns found a way to connect to their audience in a big way. Sometimes connecting is just a matter of doing something different than the last person.

I have a feeling you’ll be just as impressed as I was! Check out these 30 great social media campaigns of the year.

The 30 Most Brilliant Social Media Campaigns of 2014 (So Far)