“Black Friday” Website Deal

Actually, it’s a “Black Now-Thru-the-End-of-the-Year” Website Deal!

Between now and the end of the year, many businesses look for ways to invest their money so it generates more than just a tasty treat for the Tax Man! Now you can use that money to put a shiny new website under the tree… or just hang it high for all to see as soon as it’s done!

Website Design

So… What Makes This a Big Deal?

Well, first of all… RAZREYE Website Design takes more of a business-building approach to developing your online presence than just whipping up a flashy looking website. We will NOT sell you a bare-bones website that does not contain everything needed to perform and actually help build your business. (Yes, unfortunately, there are folks out there that do that just to make a buck!)

So what does that mean without getting too techy or jargony? Well, there are certain things (things that some designers see as “optional”) that a website really needs in order to perform well. There are other things that can help the website’s owner see how well the website is performing for them, too. Additionally, there are environments where websites live, thrive, and survive better than others.

So with all that in mind, the “Black Friday” Website Deal includes:


WordPress Website (non-eCommerce)

  • Includes a mobile-friendly design with up to 10 pages, links to social media accounts, and insertion of client-provided logo, content, and images

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Page titles and descriptions will be created using the main keyword(s) for each page so that Search Engines can easily identify and rank your pages for the keywords your visitors are using to find you

reCAPTCHA Anti-Spam Form Protection

  • Pesky little computer programs called “robots” crawl around the InterWeb looking for unprotected contact and comment forms that they can use to submit their spammy messages through. An anti-spam feature like reCAPTCHA can eliminate them

Google Analytics

  • This will allow you to discover and capture your website’s traffic data and then use it to better understand your visitor’s experiences while at the site. Once this data is gathered, it can be analyzed and used to determine the types of website improvements that should be made to enhance visitor experiences, thereby converting more of them into customers.

Managed Website Hosting

  • “Hosting” is where your website lives — it’s content, images, databases, etc — and these hosting environments can be a safe haven or a dark place that hackers even dare not to tread. We recommend and provide “managed hosting” that provides daily back-ups of your entire site and its contents, servers that are specifically built to host WordPress websites, reliable 99.99% up-time, and malware/virus monitoring service that will clean any malicious attacks at no charge to you.

Monthly “SITE” Exam

  • Much like you see your eye doctor for an annual exam to ensure your “sight” is doing well, this monthly “site” exam ensure the building-blocks of your website are up to date and performing well, too. Outdated building-blocks are things that hackers love and use to access your site to drop off a virus and give your site a black eye!

So… How much is this “Black Friday” investment?


A deposit of $649 gets the ball rolling!


Once the website site completed*, the balance payment of $649 will be due. Once final payment is received, your shiny new website will be unwrapped and published for the world to see!

After the website is published, we will then set you up on a recurring monthly payment ranging from $27 to $67 that will cover any or all of the following: Your monthly website hosting, Monthly “SITE” Exam, and up to 30-minutes of basic website changes.


Call us @ (989) 444-1695 to claim your “Black Friday” deal today!